In a significant and heartening ceremony held at the State House, an East Boston maritime powerhouse, Blue Atlantic Fabricators, was honored during the Annual Manufacturing Award Ceremony, generously sponsored by the esteemed Legislature’s Manufacturing Caucus.

Celebrating Excellence

Blue Atlantic Fabricators, nestled within the Boston Shipyard and Marina on Marginal Street, stood tall among 77 distinguished manufacturers acknowledged for their remarkable contributions to Massachusetts’ manufacturing landscape. At the event, Blue Atlantic’s General Manager, Michael Julian, graciously accepted the coveted Manufacturing Award from Representative Adrian Madaro.

The ceremony served as a remarkable showcase, putting a spotlight on the innovative and groundbreaking manufacturing capabilities and products of these industry leaders. Among the honored companies were those specializing in specialty and custom tools, decorative glass, baby products, marine robotics, gaskets, vacuum and cryogenic equipment, headwear apparel, custom scoliosis and spinal orthotic fabrication, medical devices, plant-based bioplastic products, and even culinary delights like chicken nuggets and fresh-milled flour.


A Maritime Marvel

Blue Atlantic Fabricators, renowned for its prowess in crafting top-notch steel and aluminum fabrication projects, boasts a keen focus on serving the maritime industry. Representative Madaro expressed his excitement, stating, “I am delighted to recognize Blue Atlantic Fabricators as a Manufacturer of the Year. They carry forward the rich legacy of the maritime industry on the East Boston waterfront, offering skilled trades jobs for projects across Massachusetts. I take pride in their presence in our community and extend my hearty congratulations to them. I wish Blue Atlantic every success in their ongoing journey and the expansion of their business.”

In a rapidly changing landscape, where waterfront parcels are often rezoned for luxury housing in Boston, Blue Atlantic Fabricators remains a steadfast employer in East Boston. Representative Madaro personally toured the company’s sprawling 20,000-square-foot manufacturing facility at the Boston Shipyard and Marina, shedding light on the company’s remarkable operations. A subsidiary of Boston Harbor Cruises (BHC), Blue Atlantic Fabricators currently employs 15 highly skilled workers, with a notable number of them being Eastie residents. Most of the 15 employees earn an annual income of $50,000 or more, complemented by essential benefits like health insurance and retirement plans.

A Gateway to Innovation

Situated on the waterfront with deep water access and heavy tonnage berthing capabilities, the Blue Atlantic facility is strategically positioned to provide essential structural steel components to the burgeoning United States offshore wind industry constructors and developers. Simultaneously, it emerges as an optimal resource for potential boat construction ventures as BHC charts its course for fleet expansion.

BHC Principal Rick Nolan remarked, “We have been collaborating with Blue Atlantic for seven or eight months, primarily for building A-Frames for our offshore division. Recognizing the immense potential in the emerging offshore wind industry, we sought to strengthen our partnership. The production at Blue Atlantic stands as a beacon of the traditional working port of Boston, preserving skilled trades within Massachusetts. It signifies the next phase in BHC’s mission to offer top-notch, locally sourced services and support to the thriving East Coast wind and energy market.”

A Promising Future

Michael Julian, Blue Atlantic’s General Manager, noted that with just 15 skilled employees, the company manages to handle approximately 1,500 tons of steel material each year. However, the growing opportunities in the offshore wind industry signal the potential for remarkable expansion. Julian added, “Being located in a Designated Port Area (DPA) is pivotal to our aspirations. If we secure wind construction contracts, we envision our workforce growing to around 60 to 70 employees. Our team is more than capable of handling this increased workload. As luxury apartments spring up around the shipyard, we understand the changing dynamics, but it is crucial to us, the shipyard, and our dedicated employees to retain our status as a working port.”


Legislative Support for Growth

Formed in August 2014, the Manufacturing Caucus, comprising over 60 legislators from across the Commonwealth, remains committed to enhancing manufacturing in Massachusetts. Their efforts encompass workforce training, support for innovative startups, and the expansion of apprenticeship opportunities in key manufacturing sectors.

House Chair of the Legislature’s Manufacturing Caucus, Representative Jeffrey N. Roy, shared his enthusiasm, “We have recognized manufacturers who have significantly impacted our economy, generated jobs, and contributed to the revival of manufacturing in our state. Massachusetts is poised to lead the nation in manufacturing, and these companies are integral to our success story. We are thrilled to honor them and highlight their trailblazing manufacturing capabilities and products.”

Blue Atlantic Fabricators’ recognition at the State House is a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence and their invaluable role in advancing the maritime industry. It underscores their importance as a vital member of their community and the broader manufacturing landscape of Massachusetts.


(Note: The products and services mentioned in this press release are not endorsed by the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership.)

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