Blue Atlantic Fabricators, a renowned expert in maritime-focused steel and aluminum fabrication, proudly announces its latest accolade as the 2019 Manufacturer of the Year, bestowed upon them by the esteemed Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership.

Established in August 2014, the Manufacturing Caucus and Annual Manufacturing Awards assemble a coalition of over 60 dedicated legislators hailing from various corners of the vibrant state of Massachusetts. This distinguished assembly of lawmakers is united by a common mission: to nurture a thriving manufacturing sector. Their collective efforts are channeled towards enhancing workforce training, fostering innovation by providing startups with vital resources and broadening educational and apprenticeship pathways within key manufacturing hubs. The overarching aim of the caucus is to fortify Massachusetts’ competitive edge in manufacturing through unwavering legislative support. This includes a steadfast commitment to expanding vocational high schools and community colleges to bridge the ever-present skills gap.

A Beacon of Excellence in Maritime Fabrication

Under the ownership of Nolan Associates, LLC, Blue Atlantic Fabricators has carved a niche for itself as a premier destination for top-quality steel and aluminum fabrication, with a distinct focus on serving the maritime industry. Nestled within the East Boston Shipyard, with direct waterfront access, Blue Atlantic Fabricators is ideally positioned to provide critical structural steel components to the burgeoning United States offshore wind industry, catering to both constructors and developers. Furthermore, it stands as a prime resource for potential boat construction projects.

The company’s exceptional achievements culminated in a well-deserved nomination by Representative Adrian Madaro, following a remarkable Blue Atlantic Fabricators and Boston Harbor Cruise Offshore tour last spring.

“I am thrilled to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Blue Atlantic Fabricators for this prestigious honor,” declared Representative Madaro. “Blue Atlantic continues the rich tradition of the maritime industry on the East Boston waterfront, contributing not only to our local community but also to the broader skilled trades job market across Massachusetts. Their presence is a source of pride for our community.”

Blue Atlantic Fabricators’ latest recognition as the 2019 Manufacturer of the Year is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence, their pivotal role in the maritime sector, and their dedication to fostering the growth of skilled trades across the state of Massachusetts. This award underscores their importance as a valued member of their community and the wider manufacturing landscape.


(Note: The products and services mentioned in this press release are not endorsed by the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership.)

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