Stampford Parking Garage Pedestrian Bridge

In December of 2021, Blue Atlantic partnered with Yonkers Contracting Company to fabricate sections of the Stampford Pedestrian Bridge for the Connecticut Department of Transportation.  This 320-foot-long sky bridge crosses over Washington Boulevard.  Spanning from the east side of the parking garage to the northwest end of the station, this bridge enables commuters to easily […]

2022-2023 ASCE Steel Bridge Competition

Blue Atlantic Fabricators was honored to sponsor a group of engineering students from Tufts University to help them participate in the 2022-2023 ASCE Steel Bridge Competition.  The students designed plans for a scaled-down model of a bridge that they could submit as their entry to the competition.  Michael Julian, General Manager, and Craig Boudreaux, Project […]

Blue Atlantic Fabricators: Transforming Boston Harbor with Steel Fabrication Expertise

In a significant development for Boston’s waterfront, Blue Atlantic Fabricators, located in East Boston, Massachusetts, is proud to announce the successful fabrication and launch of a massive 50-ton floating dock, measuring an impressive 20 feet by 80 feet. This steel marvel will find its home at Lovejoy Wharf in Boston and will serve as the […]

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