Blue Atlantic Fabricators: Transforming Boston Harbor with Steel Fabrication Expertise

In a significant development for Boston’s waterfront, Blue Atlantic Fabricators, located in East Boston, Massachusetts, is proud to announce the successful fabrication and launch of a massive 50-ton floating dock, measuring an impressive 20 feet by 80 feet. This steel marvel will find its home at Lovejoy Wharf in Boston and will serve as the […]

Blue Atlantic Fabricators Launches State-of-the-Art Ferry & Water Taxi Dock at Lovejoy Wharf

In a landmark achievement, Blue Atlantic Fabricators, headquartered in East Boston, Massachusetts, proudly announces the successful fabrication and deployment of a colossal 50-ton floating dock. Measuring an impressive 20 feet by 80 feet, this all-steel masterpiece will find its home at Lovejoy Wharf in the heart of Boston. Functioning as a premier facility, it will […]

Blue Atlantic Fabricators Triumphs with Prestigious Manufacturing Award

Blue Atlantic Fabricators, a renowned expert in maritime-focused steel and aluminum fabrication, proudly announces its latest accolade as the 2019 Manufacturer of the Year, bestowed upon them by the esteemed Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership. Established in August 2014, the Manufacturing Caucus and Annual Manufacturing Awards assemble a coalition of over 60 dedicated legislators hailing from […]

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