Blue Atlantic Fabricators was honored to sponsor a group of engineering students from Tufts University to help them participate in the 2022-2023 ASCE Steel Bridge Competition.  The students designed plans for a scaled-down model of a bridge that they could submit as their entry to the competition.  Michael Julian, General Manager, and Craig Boudreaux, Project Manager / Estimator / CWI, guided them through the process of bringing their design to fruition, from planning to detailing to steel ordering and fabrication.

The students were given access to Blue Atlantic’s facility where they were assisted through the fabrication process.  Their entry had to be designed specifically to be transported and assembled at the competition.  The Tuft’s students were judged on this integral feature as well as other categories.   With their bridge complete, the students entered the 2023 Northeast Competition held at Northeastern University in Boston.  Our Tufts students won a 2nd place spot to attend regionals in California!  They received some very impressive placements at the Northeast Competition as well.

  • 1st in Cost Estimation
  • 2nd in Construction Economy
  • 2nd in Structural Efficiency
  • 2nd in Construction Speed
  • 2nd in Lightness
  • 3rd in Stiffness

They went on to Nationals and placed a very impressive 22nd out of 48 teams nationwide.   Stay tuned as we will be sponsoring Tufts again this year for the 2024 Regionals.

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